Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Winter, Lussekatter and Cross stitching

Yesterday was the shortest day of the year: let's welcome the Winter! It is cold outside, there is already some snow in Hitchin and all you feel like is a warm drink and a very nice book by the fireplace. It is the month with the shortest daylight but surprisingly I am thinking of lights: the lights in the trees like we used to see when we were living in Sweden. It was also the month I could find my favourite cakes in many coffee shops, the Lussekatter, St. Lucia Bun. They are very tasty "S" shape buns, like a brioche (for the french) perfumed with saffron. I haven't seen any of these buns in England yet (well I should be honest, I haven't looked properly!) but I have tried to bake some for the first time. 

And here they are with the recipe included:

One solution to keep your house warm:
A pillow for the door!

I found this pattern in a beautiful book that I found in Paris (a la FNAC bien sur!)

Available at

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