Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Baby on its way

One of my friend told me a couple of months ago that she is expecting a baby. I was so overwhelmed by this absolutely beautiful news! The baby will come very shortly (this month!). For the last six months (since I have been told the beautiful news!) I have been thinking of little gifts I could make for the new baby. Not sure if it's a little boy or a little girl. So the gifts shouldn't be pink. They could be blue, but not too much. 

So this is what I made a very long time ago (because I am a very slow knitter!)

This little blanket is relatively easy to make. Before starting to make this blanket I only knew three types of stitches: 
moss stitch, stocking stitch and rib stitch.

By making this blanket, it gave me the opportunity to learn new stitches.  I knitted 12 squares with a 100% new wool (Rowan, Chunky print) using different stitches (rice stitch, diagonal rib, chevron, double ribbing, seed stitch, cross stitch...) that I assembled to make a little blanket (size: 29X30 inches or 75X78 cm). I then doubled with a very soft 100% cotton fabric and put a lightweight wadding in between.  For a very nice finishing I added a ribbon lace all around it.
Et voilà!

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