Saturday, 8 January 2011

Mittens and Galette des rois

It took me more than a month to knit these mittens (I should say four weekends to avoid any discouragement!) but at least they will accompany me for the rest of this winter! I found this beautiful pattern in Marie Claire Idées ( November-December 2010): it immediately caught my attention! If you have missed this issue of the Marie Claire Idees, you shouldn't be too upset because this model is actually from the designer Erika Knight for Rowan. And you can find them in the Rowan magazine 48.

Here is the result:

I would like to tell you about the "Galette des Rois" or the "Kings cake". With such a translation can you guess what it is all about?  What Kings?  If I say the three Kings?
 In France, we have the "Galette des rois" during the festival of Epiphany (on January 6th), the Epiphany being the day the three wise men arrived at Bethlehem to honor the christ child. It is though that their journey to Bethlehem took twelve days.

This weekend I felt like making a "Galette des rois". I didn't have time to make any during the week, and was therefore very much looking forward to this weekend...for some baking. To follow the tradition, I have the "fève" - originally a broad bean, but now a plastic or metal trinket. This reminds me of my childhood, when I was collecting the "fève"... I was asking my parents for more and more pieces of "Galette des roisuntil I got the "fève" (despite the fact I was not even hungry!) so that I could be the king for the day (he/she who finds the fève is "king/queen for the day")So tonight it will be only for sure I will be the King pixie for the day. 

If you wish to be the Queen or the King of the day, why don't trying to bake a  "Galette des rois"?  Here is the recipe:

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