Sunday, 22 May 2011

Some inspirations

While I was flicking through some blogs looking for some inspirations I found this one named "Granny Mania". Well, if you are looking for some ideas regarding crochet projects, this is a great place to visit! 
My eyes were caught by this plaid blanket - the "plaid de l' amitie" that is made of 130 squares. Each square was made by individual people from all over Europe, and even some outside of Europe. After assembling the pieces to make this blanket, the result is stunning!

So I got very inspired. I dug through all my crafty bags to find all my "leftover" yarn and decided to have a go. Just one major problem. I have never crocheted a square before... so I looked into the internet for some tutorials. I spent all afternoon trying but my crochet looked nothing like a square - even after some stretching, I didn't have a square. But I was not ready to give up! Around midnight I finally found this website about "How to Crochet a Granny Square"  and at one o'clock in the morning I made my first square. 

And this morning I did this one:

So a big thank you for the person that made this tutorial!

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