Thursday, 11 June 2015

Koinobori pencil case

Koinobori is a traditional carp-shaped kite used on the Children's day in Japan.

I love them. 

They are bright and colorful.

An idea came to mind: to make a pencil case, not that there is no wind here in England!

Here is the result:

How did I do that?
Here are the explanations in pictures

1. I made a sketch with rough wax pencils and then transferred it onto tracing paper

2. I used the tracing paper to transfer the sketch onto freezer paper. Then with a fine cutter I cut away all the pieces that will be painted: this step is to make a stencil. 

3. The stencil/freezer paper is ironed so that the waxy side of the freezer paper sticks to the white cotton fabric.

4. The next step consists in painting using a fabric paint (I love Pebeo Setacolor opaque). Once the paint is dried, the stencil/freezer paper is peeled off and the paint is "thermo-fixed"...  using an iron.

Et voilà !

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