Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Today is World Book Day... the superhero cape and a pattern/tutorial

Today is World Book Day so you may see lots of cartoon/comic characters walking around in the street, in the shops, going to or leaving school/nursery!
My daughter - who is three and a half years old - loves Hulk and all related superhero stories (Iron man, Spiderman...) at the moment.

SO I decided to make a superhero cape for this special day for her to wear at daycare. I quickly made a sketch of the cape I had in mind, measured the length of her arms, shoulders... 
My daughter choose the color of her cape (Turquoise Blue)
and here is the result

 This is a schematic of my pattern

To make this cape you will need 
  • 1m x 1m fabric of your choice
  • 2.20m bias (color of your choice)
  • some felt for the appliqué (I choose a red and a Bordeaux matching the color of the bias)
  • a small band of Velcro® (3 cm is enough). You can also use fasteners
  1. Draw the pattern on a paper (I simply used a newspaper, folded in the middle). The top of the cape (covering the neck, shoulders and arms) are cut on the edges of the fabric so no stitching is required (except for the neck of course!)
  2. Start by stitching the bias around the sides and bottom of the cape
  3. Cut three pieces of material to make a large band for the hands to pass through and to attach the cape around the neck. Stitch as shown on the schematic (above) - little blue crosses
  4. Then attach the velcro® (green circle as shown on the schematic)
  5. once the cape ready, cut your illustration in the felt and stitch it (appliqué) at the back of the cape. Et voilà !

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